Elevating Presence With Moving Mountains Foods
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Elevating Presence With Moving Mountains Foods

“As a rapidly expanding company, it was important to us to find a Digital Marketing Agency that could take our social channels to the next level, whilst understanding our core values and creating content that represents what we stand for as a brand.”

Over the past year we have worked with Moving Mountains Foods, offering plant-based burgers and hotdogs, to boost their social presence.


Growing presence on social media can be hard – it requires a lot of thought, time and a team that can support you with all your creative ideas!

In February 2019 we took over the social media management of fast-growing plant based brand, Moving Mountains Foods, with the aim of building brand awareness and expanding their social community across the UK and Europe. We are proud to say that in a 5 month period we increased Instagram follower numbers by 59% and hit that all important 10k mark whilst retaining a strong engagement rate. Curious about how we achieved this? Read on to discover the four crucial ‘C’s’ that supported our success.


Content is of course, King. We believe it’s important to create a cohesive look and feel within the content produced for Moving Mountains in order to retain a strong brand identity. So when you see a Moving Mountains post, you know it’s a Moving Mountains post. This can be achieved by maintaining the same fonts, using a similar style of illustration, keeping colour, brightness and image quality consistent.

This being said, content should never look identical. It’s important to make sure each post is thought through and images aren’t repeated in a way that makes a channel look stagnant. For Moving Mountains we incorporate a variety of visual formats in order to highlight the brand messaging. The content we produce for the Moving Mountains is a mixture of static photography, carousels, stop-motion, illustrated graphics and video.

It’s important to keep ideas fresh by challenging and reflecting on posted content. Delve into the performance of your content and track which types of posts generate the most engagement or create the most conversions. Use this knowledge to then influence future content. For example, we found that illustrated images and animations generated a buzz on social, we used this knowledge to our advantage and began creating more assets in this style – therefore increasing the brands probability of receiving comments and shares on posts.

In addition, reposting UGC is another great way to build presence and amplify the reach of a social channel. By sharing tagged photos across Instagram stories or carousel posts, the likelihood of your post being shared is increased by those featured.



When it comes to copywriting, it’s imperative that you know your target audience. To build a stronger social presence, you need to grow an engaged community which will in turn interact and share your content.
For Moving Mountains we approach the copy from a plant based angle that embraces viewers with interests in veganism, sustainability and health, but at the same time, not excluding the meat eater looking for their next satisfying meal. We understand that Moving Mountains is targeted primarily at a Millennial audience interested in flexitarianism and on the hunt for something delicious. The copy reflects this in being informative but relaxed, conversational and not too serious – often opening up the conversation to the audience through questions. We find it’s beneficial to ask the opinion of the viewer – whether this comes through feed posts or through interactive stories, by giving the audience a say, the copy can then implement a discussion in the comments section.

Community management is also an essential part of building and maintaining an online presence. Reacting and responding to tagged photos, comments and direct messages within 24 hours enables an engaged community that feels listened to. In addition to this, community management shouldn’t be restricted to content directly relating to your channel. For Moving Mountains, we make it a priority to engage with hashtags relating to relevant National Days as well as vegan and plant based focused tags and influencer accounts. Without engaging with similar social communities, your channel will not grow its own.


In similarity to copywriting, it’s crucial that you know your audience before constructing any kind of campaign. Defining what type of person you want to attract – including age, gender, interests and location – is a vital step in ensuring a successful campaign.

Earlier this year, Moving Mountains launched their new plant based hotdog in restaurants across the UK. To create a buzz around the new hotdog and the launch event, we created a variety of visual assets in the run up to the launch teasing the product and building up suspense, we reposted UGC and influencer activity across Instagram stories, and we built a campaign hashtag – #NewDogOnTheBlock – to celebrate the product post launch.
We amplified these posts through paid media, however it was the combination of strong copy, engaging assets and a relevant target audience that enabled the success of this campaign. As a result, the Instagram followers grew rapidly, first hitting, then growing quickly beyond the 10k mark.



Last but not least, collaboration is key – especially when Social Media is an ever-changing platform. Working closely with the Moving Mountains team with quick communication and an aligned approach, we brainstormed, strategised and benchmarked progress to ensure we reached our desired objectives.

‘As a rapidly expanding company, it was important to us to find a Digital Marketing Agency that could take our social channels to the next level, whilst understanding our core values and creating content that represents what we stand for as a brand. We communicate together on a weekly, if not daily basis, making sure that Adwaiz are kept well-informed of all activity going on at Moving Mountains. In return, Adwaiz create content plans to align with our marketing campaigns and strategies on ways to reach our target audience. It is a two-way street, and input from both parties is essential to creating a cohesive and successful social media presence. We hope to continue working in this way and keep successfully growing the Moving Mountains brand online to a global audience’.

Charlotte Robson

Marketing Team, Moving Mountains Foods


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