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‘Did you see this on Instagram?’ is something we are increasingly hearing. Social Media provides a platform to ‘shout about’ what you do, engage with existing and potential customers and attract targeted traffic. Having a presence on Social Media is not only important but key to success: a powerful presence creates awareness, improves competitively and in turn increases ROI.


Adwaiz can assist with all elements of Social Media – from creating content to be used on social, to full account management; where we post content, engage with audiences and drive traction. We grow your presence.




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Influencer Marketing

As Influencers ourselves, we have extensive expertise and experience in Influencer Marketing. We understand what works, what doesn’t and how to create a ‘buzz’ that drives results.


We advise and encourage influencers to be creative and innovative when working on campaigns, aligning with client’s goals and guidelines to create powerful content on Social Media.


Additionally, we are active in hosting Influencer Events that bring together a group of influencers (for example: a group of ten visiting a restaurant client for lunch) to experience something new and create engaging content to share with their social audiences.

Stand out

Content Creation

Powerful content attracts masses and creates conversions (customers). At Adwaiz, we believe that ‘Content is king’ and focus on creating captivating content that has a desired effect on a client’s audiences.


We are able to assist with content types- be it engaging words or eye-catching photos.



Web & App


Gain exposure


Each quarter, we host ‘Someetup’ an event for 200 + social media influencers. The evening consists of networking, speaker sessions from brands and popular influencers (such as @alphafoodie – 300k+ following) followed by food and drink.


We encourage influencers to share their experiences throughout the event – through dedicated tweets/hashtags, Instagram stories and posts. In this way, present speakers, sponsors and brands benefit from exposure.

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We work with ambitious new startups, established businesses & multinational companies, no matter your budget or goals we can help.